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Fundamental Investment Research Process

Fundamental Investment Strategy

How can Quintessence reduce risk in your fundamental investment strategy?

As a fundamental investment manager, whether you take a bottom-up or a top-down approach, you know the practical challenges of implementing a robust fundamental investment research process.

Tailored Portfolio Reporting

How can your team use Quintessence to minimise time spent producing and distributing dynamic, customised reports from multiple data sources?  

Customised daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting can be a labour-intensive process for your operational or middle office team.

Portfolio Reporting
Portfolio Compliance

Wealth Management Portfolio Compliance

How Quintessence gives your clients the benefit of tailored investment decisions without sacrificing governance and oversight.

For the CIO (Chief Investment Officer) of a wealth management company, managing risk by balancing the need to regulate their large team of fund managers and tailor individual portfolios for clients is complicated.

Tailored Attribution Reporting

The purpose of investment attribution reports is to help investors and portfolio managers understand the drivers of portfolio performance and make informed decisions about investment strategies.

Attribution Graph
ESG Report

Tailored ESG Reporting

ESG is a framework used by investors to evaluate the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a company or organization.