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Fast, Easy Access

Fast, Easy Access

Quintessence removes the “expensive access to data” problem by giving people in your organisation access to the exact data they want when they need it.

You get:

  • Visibility of what investment data exists.
  • Central storage of bsiness logic and calculations.
  • Immediate access to universe of data.
  • Plug and play access to entire universe of data.
  • Role based security.

Investment Data

We integrate the data from all your data sources regardless of the technology that surfaces it.

  • on all entities (eg instruments)
  • on the relationships between entities
  • on the metadata of both

We allowing for substituting data sources, automated ETL, expanding your universe of data without redesign.

Investment Data
Front-End agnostic

Integrates with the tools you love

Quintessence can store or surfaces all your data, neatly modelled, to any front-end.

We have:

  • a universal REST API.
  • a powerful Excel add-in.
  • one click integration with: Power BI, R and Python.

We surface your data through a handful of functions that refresh in real time.


Quintessence is designed to handle large volumes of data and perform complex calculations efficiently.

It leverages advanced computing technologies to handle computationally intensive tasks and reduce processing time.

Data Explorer

Customised Reports

Quintessence offers the ability to create extensively customisable reports from all of your data sources. We tailor reports to the individual users and their specific need.