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Fast, Easy Access

Access all your investment data easily in one place
Are you facing expensive data access challenges?
Giving people in your organisation access to the data they need when they need it can be challenging. Many financial institutions face similar issues in this regard.
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Analysts waste their valuable time searching for and accessing the data they need

Lightbulb moment

Costly data sets are being under-utilised because people don’t know they’re available or how to access them

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Bearing the overhead of a dedicated technical team to provide access to the data in the required formats

Risk Governance

Delayed access to data due to the technical requirements of getting the right data in the right format.

How does Quintessence improve data access and cut costs?
With a single tool, your analysts could access and integrate business-critical data into their work with ease.
All your analysts know what data is available

Quintessence enables anyone to see all the investment data available to them in one place, regardless of its origin, format or the technology required to access it. You can search this data to find what you're looking for and generate a query to give you the most current (or historic) version of the data.

Analysts can access the data immediately themselves

Often people in the business are looking for the same data but want to access it from a different tool or in a different format. Using Quintessence you can generate your own queries which integrate seamlessly as either a function in Excel, an API request in your preferred tool or programming language and get the data immediately.

More efficient use of your developers

Quintessence eliminates the need to access and combine data sources using their individual APIs as this can be done seamlessly via the Quintessence platform. Analysts no longer need the expertise of a programmer to write a query to extract the data from a data warehouse to get what they want.

It strengthens your decision-making

Investment decisions get made regardless of whether the analysts get hold of the specific data they’re looking for or not. Ensuring they have easy access to everything eliminates a potential weakness in the analyses on which your decisions are based.

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