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Portfolio Reporting

Customise and enrich your portfolio reports with exactly the data you want in the format you want it in.
Why is investment reporting often so time-consuming?
Customised daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting can be a labour-intensive process for your operational or middle office team. Ranging from overall portfolio valuation reports to detailed cash management reports, compliance or risk exposure reports, to be relevant they require live data to be pulled together and presented in customised views as close to the deadline as possible.

It is common for investment companies to do this process manually, pulling data from multiple sources in different formats. A single daily portfolio report could show the position weights from the latest valuations generated by a SQL query; the return of those instruments for the day from your market data provider; and the largest client flows from a flat csv file.

If the reports are made in Excel, maintaining the workbooks/sheets, changing ranges as data sets expand or contract, and maintaining custom views of the data can be frustrating. The pressure on teams producing these reports is immense; the process is tedious; their time to deal with other critical operational issues is greatly reduced; and the speed and mechanisms for producing reports make mistakes inevitable.
Portfolio Compliance

Its expensive

You may have a technical team that handles all the data requests and integrates the various sources needed for the reports.

However, these requests are intellectually complex, needing intelligent and costly people to implement.

A lot of their expensive time will be spent manually repeating the same requests, which makes this a costly solution that does not reduce the chance of human error.

There are better ways of doing it.

Reporting from a single data source is much simpler
Quintessence was developed so that investment companies can have all their data in one place.
Access multiple data sources in different formats

Quintessence ingests all your data sources or virtualises the data from other databases or APIs so that you can access it all through a single portal. Integrating and updating your data sources is no longer required and you have everything you need to construct your reports in one place.  

“Yes, but what about the analysts’ research in the Excel files?” you might wonder. With Quintessence that data is there too.  In fact, all your financial and investment data and your business logic can be accessed in one place, including all your live market data.

Save time producing new reports

Using Quintessence, you can define and store functions and business logic that can be used in any report. Once you have defined these, you have the building blocks you need to construct most reports. Customising new reports only requires tweaking your data views and adjusting formatting.

Since all reports are built on the same data source, they will always reconcile, and multiple reports can be produced with varied parameters and views.  There is also no need to store a history of each report, as it can be generated again at any time.

Customise your report views for each user

With Quintessence you can tailor views easily. One fund manager may want to see their listed positions and any derivatives they have with the same underlying, combined into a single line item, while another may want to see these separately. This can be easily managed by storing the logic and data of both views and selecting the appropriate one for your end user.

Produce and distribute reports automatically or ad hoc

You can distribute your saved reports through Quintessence via email, SFTP, API or flat files dropped in the desired location on a scheduled or ad hoc basis.  

Your middle office team can now focus on the critical operational issues that crop up day to day while being assured that all their reports are going out automatically.

Produce reliable, view-optimised reports fast with Quintessence. Learn more by speaking to one of our consultants