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Investment Data

Manage ever-changing investment data with ease
Modelling the complex data relationships that financial instruments require can get very messy very fast. At first glance, modelling and managing asset management data appears to be simple. Your financial instruments all require values that change over time.

If you only needed a single source of data this would be straightforward, but that’s rarely the case. Instruments are listed under different stock exchanges at different prices in different currencies; they use multiple data sources. It gets complicated fast.
How Quintessence keeps on top of your investment data
Quintessence has been developed to handle any type of investment data and make it available in a simple but intuitive way. We integrate all your data sources and keep track of the relationships between instruments, sources and different data values.
Incorporates investment data from all sources

Quintessence offers the flexibility to incorporate all your investment data regardless of the source, including:

Analysts’ research uploaded straight from Excel

  • Investment book of records provided by your fund administrators
  • Market data provided by data vendors and warehoused in Quintessence or fetched on demand from the providers
  • Results of specialised applications such as the attribution or risk metrics
  • Metrics defined by business rules that must be calculated on demand
  • Investment data currently warehoused at your organisation.

Providing the data through the concept of a source makes it easy to add more sources of data in a plug-and-play fashion.

Preserves the congruency of your investment data

To access data associated with an instrument, the instrument must have a unique identifier. 
With multiple data sources, you inevitably end up with multiple identifiers per instrument, making it difficult to map identifiers between data sources. Quintessence manages this for you.  

Lets you see and interrogate the relationships between data points

Quintessence manages the relationship between values for you. Using it you can:
Associate a value made up of multiple pieces of data with an instrument, for example

  • See the amount of a declared dividend as well as the payment date, whether it was a regular or special dividend, and if it was associated with interim or final results.
  • View the volatility surface – a three-dimensional plot of the implied volatilities of the various options listed on the same stock.

With Quintessence you can keep track of relationships and how they change over time, to understand things in relation to each other, such as:

  • An issuer and the credit instruments it has issued
  • A derivative and its underlying instrument
  • A portfolio and the instruments it holds over time
  • Return on portfolios and instruments across specific date ranges
  • The difference between forecasts or financial statement revisions.

Interested in seeing how easy business-wide access to your data could be?