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Solution Creation

Tailoring our models to solve your business challenges
Solution Creation

Quintessence is built for investment data. Our data engineers have already developed data models to handle the complex data that asset managers use, making it quick to tailor and implement Quintessence to ad dress your specific business problems. As specialists in the asset management industry, we’ve developed systems for numerous blue-chip clients and understand the challenges in this niche industry.

We know what to look out for.‍

For us there are no “edge cases” – we’ve seen all the common (and the “uncommon”) pitfalls and have the techniques to solve issues related to sourcing data and improving asset management processes.

The Design and Implementation Process
We have a well defined, world class process for implementation.
Detailed business and systems analysis

One of our specialist asset-management business analysts guides you in defining your business problem in a series of workshop sessions.  With a thorough understanding of front and middle office processes, they document the intricacies of your existing processes, propose possible solutions, and help you reach a consensus on what the success criteria would be for your solution.

Architecture design and costing

With a thorough understanding of your processes, our team of industry specialists – including systems architects, project managers and data engineers – define the best possible solution to your business problem. They consider how new processes will fit into your existing environment and how to make the solution scalable, robust and as fast as possible. You then receive a project scope, proposed timeline and project costings for your consideration and approval.  

Development and testing

Our data engineers create the data pipelines, custom calculations and reports on a development environment and ask for your feedback at critical milestones. This enables us to continually validate that we’re building a solution that’s perfect for you.


We work within your governance processes to launch Quintessence, following standard or bespoke practices for change, release management and information security.  Our team works with your teams to make the integration seamless.  

Handover to the support team

The project team engages in a formal handover process with the support team. This ensures they can assist with support queries, maintain your solution, and help you benefit fully from your investment.

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